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AFRA's Mission:  "To protect and defend the earned benefits of all military retirees and their surviving spouses through active advocacy on Capitol Hill and elsewhere."
As military retirees, we represent just 17% of those who serve.  We were subject matter experts, held the institutional knowledge of our organizations and dedicated the best years of our lives to military service.  Upon reaching the end of our careers, we believed that we could count on certain benefits to be there for ourselves and our families.
Becoming a member of the  Armed Forces Retirees Association allows you to join forces with retirees of all ranks, branches and components of service, adding strength to our efforts to protect the benefits that you earned from being diminished or eliminated.  
Currently, AFRA offers an annual membership for $30.00.  As a member you will:
  • Have access to the "member only" pages on our website which provide a "one stop shop" for resources designed to assist you with your earned benefits
  • Receive bi-monthly updates regarding AFRA's legislative advocacy
  • Receive periodic "alerts" regarding important information about benefits or legislation that you need to be aware of
  • Benefit from the collaborative strength that AFRA's membership in the National Military and Veterans Alliance provides
  • Be able to provide input regarding benefit issues that are important to you
  • Receive assistance with benefit questions
  • Take an active role in growing AFRA's influence by using your leadership skills to start a local chapter