Contact Congress

Use the links below to contact your House representative and Senators by following these simple steps:
1. Click on "Contact my House Representative" or "Contact my Senators".  A new window will open.
2. For House Representatives:  Enter your zip code in the upper right hand corner.  A picture of your Representative will appear; click on the email (envelope) icon under the picture and follow the prompts.
3.  For Senators:  Select your state from the "choose a state" drop down menu.  Your senators names will appear; click on the "contact" link and follow the prompts.
If you would like, you may use the links below to cut and paste AFRA's pre-written emails on specific topics or legislation.  You can use the letter "as is" or edit it.  Be sure to send "Senate" emails to the "Senate" and "House" emails to the "House".  Note:  There may be a "House" and "Senate" email for an issue if legislation is pending in both chambers.